Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Book Review: Shiver, Maggie Stiefvater

The Plot: Grace loves wolves.  One wolf in particular, the one who saved her from an attack six years ago.  But now a local high-school boy has been found mauled to death, and the whole community is bent on ridding the area of its wolf population.  As Grace struggles to save her beloved wolves she discovers a shocking secret.  “Her wolf,” and his entire pack, are werewolves.  Grace’s wolf, Sam, knows that this will be his last year to be able to change.  When he shifts into his four-legged form for the winter, there will be no return.  Now Grace is in a race against time to find a cure, before Sam loses his humanity forever.

I loved Maggie Stiefvater’s other books, and Shiver did not disappoint!  It is always fun to see an author step away from convention when writing about a standard fantasy character.  In Stiefvater’s world it is the weather, not the moon, that causes werewolves to change.  And the wolves reaching a point of no return in their shifting adds a sense of urgency to the story.  Werewolves aside, the plot and the characters are very believable.  My only complaint is that Stiefvater’s protagonists always fall in love too quickly.  A more developed relationship would Grace and Sam’s fear of separation and loss feel more real.  My favorite part of the whole novel has to be the ending.  It is one of the best, and most heartbreaking, that I have read in a while.  It makes me glad that the next book in this series, Linger, is already out, so I won’t have to wait long to read it!   

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