Friday, August 12, 2011

Book Review: Half-Blood, Jennifer Armentrout

The Plot: Seventeen-year-old Alex has been on the run with her mother for three years. But now her mom is dead, murdered by Daimons, and Alex gets shipped back the Covenant. At first, Alex is terrified that she will be forced into servitude. That’s the only option for Half-bloods who can’t make it as Sentinels who protect the Pures. And since she’s missed three years of training, it doesn’t look good for Alex. But then she gets help from an unexpected quarter. Aiden, a totally hot, totally untouchable Pure offers to train her through the summer so she’ll be ready to attend class in the fall. Alex progresses better than expected, until a disaster rocks Deity Island. Everything they think they know about Pures, Halfs, and Diamons changes, and Alex is faced with a terrible choice. Can she kill the one she loves?

Wow. Just…Wow. Half-Blood is the most exciting start to a series that I have read in a long time. And, on a random side note: the cover is gorgeous. I simply couldn’t put this book down. I love Greek mythology, so the “descendants of the gods” plot had me hooked from the beginning. There may be other new books out there like this, but I haven’t read them. The world Armentrout has created is refreshingly different and oddly believable. I love that Alex is so strong, and has such faith in herself, despite all the crap she goes through. Minor down points: Although it was realistic, I’m not a huge fan of the language, and Aiden’s dialogue seemed a little fake at times. Of course, if he acted like a real twenty-year-old male, I probably wouldn’t be in love with him. J Major down point: Pure, the next book in the series, isn’t scheduled to come out until some point next year. (Insert minor temper tantrum here) But never fear! There are plenty of books on my to-read list to keep me occupied until then.   

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