Thursday, January 3, 2013


Hi there! I know I haven't posted very faithfully recently, and I can only throw myself at your feet and beg for mercy. But I know you'll forgive me, because that's just how awesome you are!

Shall I tell you what I've been up to? Aside from the holiday madness, I have touched-up, polished, and made print-ready the three short stories that I'll have coming out this year. What? You missed those exciting announcements? Well, two of my stories, "Marked" and "Easy as Pie" are included in the Holiday Magick anthology, scheduled for release in May. My first ever flash fiction, "The Game," will be out this fall in the Doorways to Extra Time anthology. Of course, as soon as I have any pre-order info on these awesome titles, I'll post it here.

The bigger news is that Blood Bound is now in the hands of the copy-editors, meaning ARC's should be available in March. Squeee! And I've just submitted a proposed sequel... But I can't say anything else about that at the moment.

In the meantime, I suggest checking out the awesome Debut Author feature that Megan from Reading Away the Days has put together. I'll be her guest on Jan. 12th, but you should click the button in my sidebar so you don't miss a single new author!