Friday, March 8, 2013

My Muse is Back!

     I'll admit it. The last several weeks, I've done...nothing productive. I managed to finish a few projects at the same time, and then my Muse went on vacation. I started (and restarted) a project. But the characters were flat, the dialogue stiff, and my plot....lets just not go there.It's really hard to get excited about a project like that. So, I let it sit. and sit and sit. My "writing time" turned into "let's see who's online" time.
    And then, yesterday happened. While cruising the web for anything interesting, my Muse came back! Inspiration hit, fast and hard. So, after a minor welcome back party, I called a friend to run my ideas by her. Since then I've been on plotting and researching overload. Characters, complete with backstories, are popping in my head. My research is lining up perfectly with my plot, and my fingers are itching to get started. And now I realize how much I missed my muse. Even if my new story goes no further than my laptop, there is something completely awesome about the creating process. And so, I'm back on my "writer's high" typing, plotting, losing sleep, and being happy about it. All I have to day is: Dear Muse, please don't ever leave me again. Please, please, please.

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  1. YAY!!!!!!!! for you and your muse :) Can I borrow it? Pretty please...