Thursday, October 17, 2013

I Love Libraries!

  I just found out that Blood Bound will available from my hometown library. There are no words for how happy you make me. You see, this is the same library that has fed my reading addiction my entire life. There is no way my parents could have afforded the hundreds of books I read every year growing up, but I didn't have to slow down, because I had a library card. That magical piece of plastic let me become the book addict I am today.

As an author, of course I want everyone in the world to buy a copy (or ten) of my book. But realistically, I know that even fro people who really want to read it, sometimes that's not possible. But now the people around me can get it at the library. Will the people in your hometown have the same chance? If not, tell your local librarian you'd love to see Blood Bound on the shelves, after giving him/her a hug for being awesome!

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