Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Book Review: Linger, Maggie Steifvater

The Plot: Sam, free of his curse, is struggling to fit into a "normal" life. With little hope that Beck will have another summer, he takes over responsibility for the pack. Unfortunately, the newest members are a bit more than he planned on. And to top it off, Grace's parents have decided that he is not good enough for their daughter.

             Cole: The newest member of the pack, Cole chose this life to escape from his old life. When spring comes, he wants nothing more than to return to his fur pelt. But he can't outrun his past, or the darkness within him. Then he meets Isabel, the one person possibly more damaged than himself.

             Isabel: Trapped by the guilt of her brother's death, and surrounded by a family that doesn't notice her, Isabel wants nonthing more than to escape. But something inside her refuses to let her throw her life away. So she turns to the wolves. Her friendship with Sam and Grace help, but she still feels empty. Until she meets Cole. He doesn't want her help. So maybe just for the challenge, she won't give up.

            Grace: Life was perfect for Grace. Then her parents decided to be part of her life, by forbidding her to see Sam. And she needs him now more than ever.  A sickness is growing inside her that is somehow tied to the wolves. The doctors can't find the problem, but if she doesn't figure it out soon, she will die

I was not disappointed by Linger. The characters and relationships, especially between Grace and her parents, felt more real to me than they were in Shiver. It still bothers me that all of the main characters have terrible relationships with their parents.  I know I was blessed to have parents I have always (even as a teenager) liked. But I wish there was at least one good parental figure. Surprisingly, Isabel was my favorite character this time.  I felt like her personality came out much better than in Shiver. Cole, I just didn't get. Maybe I'll understand him better in the third book. As with the first book, the ending is what really made the book. Unfortunately, Forever isn't out yet, so we just have to wait to find out what happens in Mercy Falls.

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