Thursday, July 28, 2011

Book Review: The Why Chromosome: Unraveling the Mystery of the Modern Menigma, Emily White

The plot: How is it possible that two members of the same species can be so different on so many levels? Whether it is God’s sense of humor, or a twisted joke of nature, it is no secret that men and women simply do not understand each other. If you have ever wondered why a guy got your number and never called, why he started acting like a jerk instead of just dumping you, or what is up with the “man crush,” The Why Chromosome: Unraveling the Mystery of the Modern Menigma is for you. This book is made up of forty questions over five categories: Meeting, Dating, Relationships, Break-Ups, and Sex. Each question is answered by a “Good Guy” and a “Bad Boy.”

Co-authors Emily White, Miles Eriksen, and Ryan Vaughn should turn their creative energies to writing sit-coms. Some of the anecdotes and descriptions in The Why Chromosome are so funny I had to catch my breath before continuing to read. And when I confronted the “menigma” in my own life with some of the most bizarre answers, he confirmed that, for the most part, they were true. Since this book focused mainly on the dating scene, many of my own questions, like “Why is the bathroom the best spot in the house for reading?” remained unanswered. In fact, very little of the book revealed previously unknown information. To sum it up; Women are more likely to find serious relationship material in the grocery store than in a bar at happy hour, men like sex, and men do most bone-headed things simply because they can. As the book wore on, the questions and explanations started to feel redundant, and the explicative-filled responses lowered the quality of the writing. I wish that the book was a bit shorter, or that it covered more than dating. But The Why Chromosome was, over all, a fun read, with moments of sheer descriptive brilliance.

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