Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Book Review: The False Princess, Eilis O'Neal

The oracle prophesied that the princess would be murdered before her sixteenth birthday. After sixteen years have passed, the King and Queen inform Sinda, the girl who has been living in the palace, that she is not the princess. They pay her for her service to the crown and send her off to live with an unknown relative while they bring their own daughter home. But Sinda has been raised as a princess and isn’t suited to country life. When she discovers that she has inherited magic from her birth mother, she goes back to the capital in hopes of starting a life as a magician’s apprentice.  Instead, she uncovers a deadly plot against the crown. One that started with her own birth. With Kiernan, her best friend and the only noble who never turned his back on her, Sinda dives into political intrigue in order to save the throne.

For some reason, this book didn’t grab me at first. I felt like there was too much description of things that didn’t matter. But after the first few chapters, I was hooked. Everyone loves the story of the poor orphan who discovers she is a princess, but the question of what happens to the girl who thought she was the princess is not one I’ve ever considered. The plot had (at least for me) a major twist that kept me turning the page. The love story is very sweet, and a bit more realistic than some I’ve read recently. Sinda’s struggle between her feelings of betrayal, duty, and impossible hope are perfectly described. I hurt for her, and would have understood her actions, regardless of the choice she made. As an added bonus, Eilis O’Neal is a first time author from Oklahoma, and I have a particular fondness for those.  J

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