Thursday, January 26, 2012

I need your help!

            I’ll give you the good news first. I finished my story!! Well sort of. The plot goes on in a second planned book. But yes, the book I’ve been working on for the better part of a year is finished.
            The bad news? It’s waaay too short. I’m the kind of reader who prefers her books to double as 5lb. free weights. As is, my manuscript wouldn’t make a good paperweight. Apparently, I’m “concise to a fault.”   Now, I know there are a few more awesome scenes that can be teased out of my tired brain, but here is my problem: I’m afraid I’m going to end up writing long paragraphs about things simply added to make a longer narrative. And I HATE it when I read those paragraphs in other books. If I read something that really has no purpose in the larger story, I feel like the author is wasting my time.  So, I need opinions: Do random side stories bother you? How important is the length of a book when you decide to read it? And finally, what is the difference between “developing a scene” and rambling? 


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  1. First Congrats on finishing!!! Now to address your questions: Book length really doesn't matter that much to me, however if you add interesting tid bits about your characters, it helps lengthen the book while also giving your characters more depth. In other words help us get to know your characters as well as you do :)