Monday, February 20, 2012

Book Review: Stolen Away, by Alyxandra Harvey

For seventeen years, Eloise Hart had no idea the world of Faery even existed. Now she has been abducted and trapped in the Rath of Lord Strahan, King of Faery. Strahan was only meant to rule for seven years, as Faery tradition dictates, and then give up his crown to another. But he won't comply, and now chaos threatens both worlds.

The only one who can break his stranglehold on the Faery court is his wife. . . Eloise's aunt Antonia. Using Eloise to lure Antonia, Strahan captures his wife, desperate to end the only threat to his reign. Now Eloise must become the rescuer. Together with her best friends Jo and Devin, she must forge alliances with other Fae, including a gorgeous protector named Lucas, and Strahan's mysterious son, Eldric-who may or may not betray them.  Taken from Goodreads

I love all things Faery, so of course I had to get this book. The imagery and descriptions Alyxandra used were awesome, and between the two viewpoints and fast paced action, it was hard to but it down. Unfortunately, the plot confused me at a few points and I can't help but feel that if the book was a bit longer the author could have explained to us how some things worked. But it could just be me. After all, I read the book in less than 24 hours with a toddler in the house, so I might have missed something.

Characters: The story alternates between the viewpoints of Eloise and Jo, and Alyxadra does a great job of making the reader feel connected to both. Personally, my favorite was Jo, because I see a lot of myself in her. I do wish that we got to spend a little time with Devin. As the only member of the trio of best friends without his own chapter, he just doesn't seem to quite fit in the narrative.

I'd have to say that my favorite thing about Stolen Away is that there are two very different yet equally swoon-worthy guys who managed to steal my heart without a love triangle drama or over the top sexual tension, which seems to be happening a lot in YA right now. Bottom line: If you're looking for a highly detailed guide to the Faery Realm, this probably isn't for you. But, if you want a quick, lighthearted read that will leave you curious about what happens next, go get this one today. 

YA notes: Some strong language 

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