Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Review: Operative (Ganzfield #5) Kate Kaynak

Maddie and the rest of the team must catch the person selling classified information to terrorists--before they become the targets. Goodreads

Two things before we get into the review.
1: this is number 5 in a series, so if you haven't read the rest of the series, stop reading this and read them now. I'll wait.
2: Purple monkey ghost spies! Mrs. Kaynak, you are a genius.

Okay, this book doesn't actually take place in Ganzfield, which made me a little sad because we don't get to see much of Williamson. But I was only a little sad. Operative picks up right where Accused left off with it's cliff-hanger ending. Within a few pages Maddie and the gang are in Germany disarming weapons without touching them and conducting mind-scans on the people on the military base and in the American Embassy. And then things get weird. :)

Without saying too much, I have to mention that I love the new G-positives we get introduced to in Operative.I was torn between "That is sooo cool. I'm jealous." and "Holy Crap that's scary."And once the action starts, it doesn't stop. This one doesn't end with a cliffhanger (thankfully) but in no way can you not pick up Soulmate (next year) to find out what happens next.

As far as the characters, by book #5 they are all pretty well developed. Maddie and Trevor make me want to throw up a little, but they're cute together so it's okay. I have to admit I wasn't as fond of Drew this time as I was in the last one, but I do have to wonder if he's developing feelings for a certain someone... But only time will tell. We get to learn a lot more about Cecilia in this one. And, like Maddie, I found myself grudgingly liking her. At least a little bit.

Bottom line: This is an excellent addition to the series and Ganzfield fans will love it. If you still haven't started this series, please do so, and then refer to the previous sentence.  :)

Rating 4.5/5 stars

YA notes: Mild language, suggestive content.

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