Thursday, May 31, 2012

They're still at it...

Okay folks, a few days ago I posted about my characters fighting in my head. Well, they won't stop. So here is a snapshot of my mental state.

Me: Okay gang, time to leave the Faery Realm.
Character A: No. I'm not ready.
Me: Yes you are. We've been here too long already.
Character A: Fine. You guys leave and I'll catch up later.
Character B: Why does she get to make all the choices here. I'm important too.
Me: Are you ready to leave?
Character B: No, Not really. I just wanted to make sure you remembered me.
Character C: While we're all airing our grievances, I'd like to know why you're ignoring (insert major plot twist I knew nothing about). I think it's rather important.
Character D (who never complains): I hate to complain, but I'm starting to miss my girlfriend here. Can we get to that kissing scene a little sooner?
Me: Character D, your girlfriend is in a different realm, so you can't kiss her yet. What if she has a good dream about you?
Character D: Why isn't she already dreaming about me?

And so you see, if you're dreaming about becoming a writer, this is what happens to you. On the bright side, then you can talk about arguing with the voices in your head and no one will take you away. I hope.

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  1. I don't argue with my characters. They're smarter than I am. ;)