Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Main Characters...

I had hoped to have a review for you today. I picked up a new book by an author I have always thoroughly enjoyed in the past, but sadly, I just couldn't get into the story. I tried, I really did. I read about 250 pages of it's 400+ before giving up. The writing style was what I'd come to expect, the plot was sufficiently twisted but still... The problem was the MC.

I didn't connect with her. At all. I never understood what drove her to do the things she did, why she didn't do other things sooner, or why she was so darn pouty.By my stopping point, she was in a pretty tense situation, and I just didn't care. So, my question is: What makes a great MC for YOU?  At what point in the story do you stop and say Oooh, I like her/him?

Obviously, we're all different, and not everybody clicks. That's fine. That's the way it should be, actually. So it is understandable that we all find books where we never really like the MC. So, here is question #2. If you find yourself with an annoying MC, do you put the book down? Why or why not?

That is all for today! But if you're in the mood for more blogging, may I recommend this?   

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  1. Thanks for directing your readers to my blog. *smiles with patch over one eye* Now on to the MC… The older and busier I get, I find I have less and less patience with a book that doesn’t suck me in right away. Chances are, if I don’t like the MC, I won’t like the book. (Unless I really, really dislike the MC in which case I may keep reading in hopes that something bad happens to them mu ha ha) However, it also depends on the other characters as well. If I like them enough and of course the story line, I will keep reading.