Saturday, November 10, 2012

My Least Favorite Shape

Let me start out by saying that a well done love triangle can be awesome. It can be beautiful, heart-wrenching, and show that the only truth to finding "the one" is finding "the one" you choose to make it work with. That said; Enough Already!

It has gotten to the point that as soon as one love interest is introduced in a new book, I start wondering when the other one is going to show up.I pretty much refuse to read any new series if the main thing reviewers are talking about is "I'm team HotGuy." Seriously, are that many completely swoon-worthy guys out there that every heroine needs two? I know that triangles are the "trend" at the moment, and I'm not at all saying that writing what is popular is a bad thing. I guess what I am saying is that I'm bored. A love triangle always ends one of two ways, and it's generally pretty obvious which guy will get the girl. So, what happened to creativity? Why can't one side of the triangle find someone else entirely? Or maybe the girl could decide she doesn't really need a guy at all, and leave the two hormone-driven males with nothing to fight over. Throw me a curve-ball once in a while. Okay, I'm done ranting now, but I am curious. What plot-devices make you want to poke your eyes out with a spoon? 


  1. I enjoy triangles! I like it when there are tense scenes between two or three characters as they hash out who will end up where. Jennifer Armentrout's Covenant series is a perfect example of how much fun it can be to read about two different guys fighting over a girl. In terms of plot devices I'm tired of? Dismal dystopian futures. How come the future can't be great?? Though I did read several great dystopians this summer, I'm hoping for a new breed of happy futures instead of horrible ones!
    Kimmy :)

    1. Kim, great point about the depressing future theme! I've wondered that myself. And I agree that the covenant series triangle is one of the better ones. My complaint is more that they start to feel the same if EVERYONE has a love triangle.

    2. Yeah, lots of YA books do. I think it's the ultimate dream of lots of girls - two guys fighting over you. I know I would have loved that back then :) Especially the hot guys of today's books! Maybe that's why I enjoy them. Wishful thinking!
      Kimmy :)