Wednesday, November 21, 2012


As I'm sure you all know, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. And as some of you know, I have a short story in the upcoming anthology, Holiday Magick, that is based on a Thanksgiving tradition. What you may not know is that the main character in that story is based on my younger brother, the traditionalist. Every year, he insists that we do what we've always done, because "it's tradition." This even includes going over the Thanksgiving menu to make sure certain foods (even ones he doesn't like) will be present at the meal. Of course, we all tease him about this, but if he ever stopped, I'm sure it just wouldn't feel right. It's, well, tradition. :)

Traditions are important, and they tell a lot about who we are. so, what are your favorite holiday traditions? Do you decorate the Christmas tree Thanksgiving night? Spend meal time plotting your Black Friday trips? Watch a certain football game? Do you have unusual traditions attached to a different holiday? I'd love to hear about your traditions. And, even though I don't have any stories planned yet, your traditions might show up in a future story of mine!


  1. Understandably, most of my Thanksgiving traditions revolve around food and family. Even though none of us, including your traditionalist brother, who also happens to be my son, doesn’t like cranberries, I just discovered I don’t have any. I’m in a quandary. Even though I have more work to do today than I can possibly get done, do I run back to the store to buy cranberries so I can prepare them only to see them sit on the table? Or am I willing to let this be the year always remembered as the one where Mom messed up?

    1. Since no one eats them, I say just claim you left them in the refrigerator, and if anyone wants them, they can get them out. :)

  2. You are a sneaky little thing! Why didn't I think of that? I already confessed it to him and ghet this...he said it was fine. :) I would blame it on a turkey coma, but he hasn't had any yet.