Friday, May 3, 2013


Good News! Later this month, I'll have a short story published in an on-line mag. Better News! It will be free for you to read. :)

I'm always excited when I have something published, but this time I'm super excited. You see, I honestly had an easier-than-normal publishing experience with some of my first pieces. After a very few rejections, I had my first short story published. Then, my first novel, a direct result of my story, was born. Blood Bound was accepted by the first publisher I sent it to (which almost never happens.) And in the early stages of publication I had a few more stories published as well.

And then the writing powers that be decided it was time to pay my dues. The last several months, I've worked my tail off with zero results. Rejection after rejection, some short and to-the-point, (we don't like you) and some encouraging, yet still declining my work.

I kept looking, though, and one day, scrolling through publishing venues, I found one that caught my eye. I had an idea! I had characters! I started writing...not the story I planned. You see, one of my characters turned out to be quite bossy, and she took over. When I finished, what I had on my screen was not at all what I'd thought I was writing. I had no idea if it still fit in the publisher's style. But I liked the story so I sent it anyway. And they LIKED IT TOO! So now I'm wondering, have I been over-thinking this writing thing all along?

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