Wednesday, April 18, 2012

On Haunted Ground, Lisa Rogers

Lisa Rogers sensed that the house she bought with her husband Wes came with a ghost. But nothing prepared them for doors slamming on their own, objects flying, and the nightly appearance of a freaky green orb in their bedroom. Their two children had opposing views on the paranormal activity. While Keshia grew attached to the grandmotherly ghost who taught her not to be afraid of thunderstorms and the Native American spirit that tucked her into bed, her brother Troy wasn't quick to believe in their unearthly guests.This amazing true story details two decades of terrifying, funny, and heartwarming paranormal encounters--the mischievous entity that imitated the voice of each family member, the spool that "came to life" to chase the kids, the shocking events that shake Wes and Troy's skepticism--and the enduring love that keeps the family together through it all.  Goodreads

I cannot review this book for three very good reasons:
1) Lisa Rogers is my mother.
2) This is the story of my childhood. And seriously, how do you review that?
3) I wrote the last chapter.
And so I ask that  you overlook the lack of review.  But it is an awesome book for anyone who believes in ghosts, or has an open mind to the possibility that they may exist. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, hop on over to Ghost Talk and enter to win a free copy.  Good luck!


  1. I read it and I LOVED IT!!! Although it's not fiction, it's a really awesome book and actually the chapter you wrote was one of my fave parts!