Tuesday, April 10, 2012


So, I bought a new computer recently. It is awesome. I love it. But sometimes...

This morning I woke up early, bursting with ideas I needed to get down before my angelic baby woke up and demanded all of my attention. So I sat down to my lovely new machine and just let the words flow from my fingers. I was on fire. I had pages of ideas and plot twists when suddenly: Windows is RESTARTING to finish new updates. Poof. It was gone. And of course I hadn't saved. On my old computer I had set the system to auto-save every two minutes, and I just hadn't gotten around to changing the settings on my new computer. (Oh, it's been fixed now) I didn't lose everything, fortunately. It did auto-recover a good portion of my brainstorming, but not all. And if you've ever tried to re-brainstorm you know it doesn't work out too well. So, moral of the story; adjusting the auto save option should be your FIRST priority when typing on a new computer.

And no, the new computer was not the reason behind my Yippee!! post last week. Yes, I will tell you, but I can't just yet. We must all be patient. :)


  1. Glad you didn't loose everything. "Patient?" *clicks nails on desk* What is this you speak of? I need to know the YIPEE details! Click, click click... still waiting...

  2. Oh, no!!! I'm sooo sorry. I would be in tears. I hope you recover more soon. :[