Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I Survived Career Day!

For those of you who remember, last week I posted about my first "author" appearance at a Career Day for my old school. You will also remember that I was pretty stressed. As usual, that was pointless. It went great! The pictures aren't the clearest, but I brought along SWAG from several of my fellow SHP authors, and I had a blast talking about the awesome books coming out this year, (including mine!) The different aspects of being an author/editor, and the general awesomeness of following your dreams.

I'd hoped to get a few "action shots" of me talking to students, but once they started coming over, I got too busy talking to them and forgot about my camera. Everyone I talked to was polite, even though it was obvious that several were just hoping the teachers milling about would notice that they were talking to the guests. And that's fine with me. BUT I also had pretty in-depth conversations with a girl who lamented how many perfectly good books were ruined because of poor/no editing, and another young lady who quietly told me she keeps a notebook with her at all times to write her thoughts/poetry/short stories, even though she believes shell never be "good enough" to make it. And, of course, there was the girl who squealed, and told me I had no idea how cool it was to meet a real fantasy author who went to her school. (Why, yes, I think I actually have a pretty good idea of how cool teen-me would have thought that was.) I was also able to talk with two of my favorite teachers, (who didn't know what I was up to these days) and to top it all off, I got a free lunch. Hopefully, the school thought it went as well as I did, and they'll invite me back again next year!

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