Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What I Meant to Say...

I've always understood that, even people who speak the same language, in the same country, can have a difficult time understanding each other. There are certain "regional" phrases and actions that make little or no sense to those outside the region. For example: In Oklahoma, a tornado siren does not mean "take cover." It means "Grab a camera and go outside."

But, until I began the editing process with editors in a different region, I never realized how different we can be. For example, did you know that there is a regional difference between a "shirt" and a "top"? Or that the women of a family organizing food for a gathering without asking any of the men to prepare a dish could sound sexist and offensive?

I am not picking on any region here. I actually think it's pretty cool. Although I've met folks from all around the world, most of my friends and family live in the Mid-Western region, and most of us have lived in the area all our lives. While we (usually) understand each other, it doesn't give me the chance to learn anything new. So now I ask, what about you? What regionalisms do you use that may sound strange to others?

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