Monday, April 15, 2013

My Moment

Last week I read a fellow author's post comparing the ups and downs of being an author to the seasons of the year. Well, I've been experiencing Writer's Winter for a while now. Lack of inspiration, chasing dead ends, and lots of rejections. Even though I fought against it, this barren time has managed to make me depressed. And, as you can imagine, the more depressed I became, the harder it became to write the creative pieces I love. I've definitely needed a "woo-hoo" moment.

Well, I got it last night. My editor sent me the (hopefully) final edits on Blood Bound. That's right, my novel is one step closer to the printing press.And it hit me: This is no longer a dream foe me. I'm actually doing this. I've always known that not everyone will like my ideas or my style. I've lived in my head long enough not to expect every thought to be creative gold. But, no matter what anyone else says, I've proven to me (my worst critic) that I can do this.Future rejections ans "winters" will come, but they can't erase what I've already done. So, Yay Me!


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  2. That's awesome, Keshia. I'm so happy for you, it's such a great feeling and it makes all the ups and downs worth it!

  3. I Love this post. As writers we ALL have our "Winters," but as you said, just look at what you have already done. *raises glasses of chocolate milk high into the air* Here's to you and many more WooHoo moments!